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Fatherhood Anthology Call Out 

Fatherhood Anthology

Deadline: May 1st 2021


Send submissions to pointpositivepublishing@gmail.com with the subject line 'Fatherhood.' We prefer PDF or Word documents as attachments in the email.


What we are looking for:

Poems: Poems of any length but we would prefer poems that are no longer than 2 pages. We will consider longer but be advised they are less likely to be published.

Here at Point Positive Publishing, we want to challenge the stereotypes of fatherhood by celebrating the joys of paternity and all the responsibilities and vulnerabilities that go with it. Examples of topics we are looking for:

• Poems celebrating children from fathers

• Hardships of fatherhood and paternal mental health issues

• Poems celebrating fathers from children

• Explorations of the responsibilities, vulnerabilities & challenges of fatherhood

• Challenging stereotypes of fathers

Although this is a space for fathers to submit, this is not restricted to biological fathers and is open to anyone who identifies as male. We encourage BAME writers to submit.

If your poem is celebrating a father, there are no restrictions to who can apply and is open to all.


We are currently looking for your tips and advice for surviving the early days of motherhood for a small book we are producing. The focus on motherhood is very much of the baby and the practical side you provide for that little bundle of joy. However, we know the realities of early motherhood are not picture perfect and that being a mother is the hardest challenge. Please share you experiences, tips, advice or complaints to our email pointpositivepublishing@gmail.com with the subject line 'Surviving Motherhood Submission'


Point Positive Publishing are happy to announce that our upcoming anthology will be launched on the 26th November 2020! We would like to thank everyone who contributed and will release links to buy the book and watch the official launch soon.