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A stunning and honest debut poetry collection from Nikki Marrone. Burning Through the Bloodline is a collection of work that explores the shadows that we carry through life, the traumas both embodied and inherited that are too often passed down from generation to generation. Birthed from a personal journey to move beyond trauma, shame, and victimhood to reclaim a sense of self. It is an ode to motherhood, family, survivorship, and femininity.

HONEY & LEMON is a beautiful photographic novel that follows a Boy and a Girl who meet like any love story. However, the Girl has been fighting a war and there are demons who hound her. The Girl knows it is her battle to fight but the Boy goes on a search to defeat the demons and protect the one he loves. Along the way, they learn how to support and protect each other while gaining valuable tools and weapons. Together, they defeat the demons only to find themselves facing the ultimate challenge.Inspired by graphic novels and comic strips, HONEY & LEMON uses photography and simple storytelling to articulate the nature of depression in a way anyone can understand. 

Rebloom is an anthology of womxn’s poetry exploring the strength, resilience and empowerment that can be found in the lived experiences and stories told by womxn.

❀ Penny Blackburn ❀ Jennifer Bostian ❀ Kelly Butcher ❀ Vanessa Caraveo ❀ Anannya Dasgupta ❀ Nikki Marrone ❀ S. Rupsha Mitra ❀ KB Nelson ❀ Kathryn O'Driscoll ❀ Louise O'Neill's ❀ Somjeeta Pandey ❀ Heather Pease ❀ Glady Ruiz ❀ Marjorie Sanders ❀ J.S.Watts ❀ Lynn White ❀ Jeanette Willert

Psychogenic Fugue is defined as: a rare psychiatric disorder characterised by temporary amnesia for personal identity. The state can last days, months or longer and usually involves unplanned travel or wandering, and is sometimes accompanied by the establishment of a new identity. Bewildered Wandering is the perfect way to describe my teenage years and early twenties. All the poems in this collection were born from the many growing pains of discovering my identity, adolescence and all the obstacles that come with growing up.

Breastfeeding Basics: Concepts & Techniques Made Simple is an educational companion to traditional breastfeeding guides and classes. This zine takes the basics and conceptualises them in bite-sized relatable chunks of information. Written by a NCT trained Peer Supporter this has been written from peer to peer, mother to mother in mind rather than expert to novice. This zine can be used by mothers at home or as an educational resource for peer supporters, breastfeeding councillors or midwives. This zine is currently being used by NCT Peer supporters, Perinatal services and MIND