What's in a name?

When you are learning to drive, one of the first things you learn is to look where you want the car to go. In sports the same concept is applied, for example snowboarders look at where they want to go as looking at what they want to avoid increases the likelihood of them hitting it. Have you ever been whitewater rafting before? One of the sayings on the river is always point positive. Paddlers use hand signals to tell each other where to go and where not to go. However, here’s the thing, if two people don’t have an agreed upon method of communication, one person might be saying “don’t go over there!” while the other is thinking “Oh! I should go that way.” If that happens, it might be bad news bears as a result of a simple miscommunication. That’s why on the river, paddlers always point positive. Two or more rafts can communicate by pointing where to go and they will always know it means “go that way!” 

Similarly, in life it’s easy to focus on the negative and forget that any positives exist. When you’re in a tailspin, it may even be difficult to see any hope for future positives and going in any certain direction other than the spiral. Here at point positive publishing we understand that it's easy to go off course and we're not afraid of the nitty gritty in life but we like to point positive and focus on where we want to go. We try to interact with the world and our environment in a positive  and kind way always. So we like to put work into the world that deals with the dark, shines a light on difficult and often taboo subjects but focuses on overcoming, helping, engaging, educating and experiencing.

At the heart of Point Positive Publishing we are a community driven indie publisher that loves to tell stories and challenge conventional thinking.